more things i love and not so much

things i love:

husband. sunshine. bourbon on the rocks. grass. dove chocolate. gettin’ down with my bad self. long walks. matinees. beaches. fires in the stove. mom. uninterrupted sleep. the pres. thrift store shopping. friendships. government investments in education and infrastructure. dinner out. michael’s cooking. ann’s cake. 7:00 pm. diversity. daylight savings time. birdie sounds. altruism. california. bowdoin chapel bells. marriage equality. quiet house. good coffee. students. homemade granola. the diegos. calvin’s bus driver, teachers, therapists and aide. gardening. michael’s photography. spring on the way. lobster rolls. good books. people who want to help others. rudy the dog. my sweet boy calvin.

not so much:

snow in march. calvin’s incessant coughing. bullies. broken glasses ... again. tax loop holes. greed. hyper kid. bitter wind. myopia. conservativism. seizures. robocalls. toeing in. right-wing radicalism. hair pulling. capital punishment. sexism. teeth grinding. drooling. icy sidewalks. cold days. apathy. sand everywhere. austerity. the ever expanding gap between the haves and the have-nots. dusting. fear mongering. lies. these extra five pounds. bigotry. taking advantage. airlines. sequestration. antiepileptic drug side effects. worry. cabin fever. four-thirty wake up cries. war. most guns and some of their owners. ignorance. self-righteousness. endless grey skies.

photo by Michael Kolster

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