seti and me

I see my face
in hers and sink into
her familiar form
How many years gone by
I can’t say

She naps on
warm terracotta tiles
The slim bend of her elbow
shading closed
brown eyes

Mom seems
to recall her face
even after all these years
Then, smiling, reaches up to 
pull her in

Like a dream
the hours pass
We hold hands, walk arm in arm
laugh until we cry

Cool drinks
chase spicy wings
the sun dissolving behind
clouds and masts in a
glass pool

A steel horn
silk voices, strings and drums
feed our hungry souls
move lithe bodies
sweat and burn

Bellies up
to a granite bar
like in olden days
Hot espresso, bitter chocolate, comedy

She asks
after my boy
Was she the one who told me tenderly
that he is a

In bed
our toes touch
We talk and jest about forgotten boys
then fall asleep saying
I love you

my dear friend Seti and my mom

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  1. Beautiful. Everything you write -- your voice -- is evocative and beautiful.