falling down

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling down, but rising every time we fall.
—Nelson Mandela

photo by Michael Kolster


  1. Christy - my background is in modern dance, and there is a technique codified by Doris Humphrey called "fall and recovery" - the idea of opposing forces of contraction and release, mixed in with the natural rhythm of the breath. I see Hailey recover from a seizure fall - with no tears, maybe no understanding of what has even happened, and I am awed by her strength and resilience. I sadly think sometimes it's better that she doesn't know. At 14 she is the strongest girl and soon to be woman that I know. I hope you and I keep recovering as we go through our own falls. I read your recent post about the bitter pill and all I can say is - I understand and I'm with you.