in going for the green

how long have you been growing medical marijuana? are you a licensed caregiver? how did you get into the business? what strains of medicinal cannabis do you have? are they high in CBD and low in THC? do you have Charlotte’s Web, R4, ACDC or Cannatonic? do you have seeds, clones or flowering plants? how many patients do you currently help? what are their ailments? have you ever treated someone with medically refractory epilepsy? do you know how to cold tincture? what kind of soil do you use to grow your plants? what kind of fertilizer do you use? is your facility climate controlled? how do you control mold? how do you control pests such as spider mites? where is your facility located? may i visit it? how much will you charge for tinctures or will you supply my son free of charge? do you have the equipment to tincture correctly? do you have testing capabilities? if not, where do you test your strains and your end products? does that testing facility use high-performance liquid chromatography? do you tincture using only bud or do you also use trim? how do you strain your tinctures? do you use organic grain alcohol, glycerin or oil to make your tinctures? have you tried the tinctures yourself? if so, how do they make you feel? are you familiar with dosing? will the supply chain be dependable? what is you timeline for getting the end product?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Josh Stanley