friday faves - clover (video)

From last May.

While surfing Facebook last Friday I came across two photos, one of a purple clover, the other of a beautiful little girl with the inscription, "In loving memory, Clover Dohman 6/23/09 - 5/23/13." Knowing that purple is the color for epilepsy awareness I Googled Clover's name and found this video, which reminded me some of the first year or so after Calvin's diagnosis, and is a testament to the often overlooked fact that epilepsy is menacing and can often be lethal.

My heart goes out to Clover's family and to all children and their families who suffer the scourge of catastrophic epilepsies such as Dravet syndrome. Do what you can to raise awareness and funds for a cure and advocate for the use of medical marijuana, one of the few treatments that can help save these children.

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  1. How cruel life can be sometimes. We just have to be better people to balance the ledger.