christmas thanksgivings

having not lost power in the ice storm. the twenty bucks—which we'll be paying forward—that we randomly received from another shopper who wanted to help pay for someone's groceries. not stepping into rudy's poop this morning. blue sky. healthcare. heat. hot water. calvin walking like a star in the grocer, pushing the cart like it's nobody's business. homemade bourbon eggnog in the afternoon. old movies. wool socks without holes in them. a good book. smiles from strangers. smart friends. funny hubby wearing long johns and singing made-up words, horribly off-key, to holiday songs. laughing so hard i cry. mom. hugs from calvin. people who want to change the world. neighbors. writing. quiet. sleep. pumpkin pie. jane's roast beast with yorkshire pudding. dewitt's holiday getup. fire in the hearth. gimpy dog. togetherness. cheesy holiday music. sunset at simpson's point. happy kid.

Simpson's point, photo by Michael Kolster

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