walking the caldog

Yesterday, Calvin, who we sometimes lovingly call The Caldog, walked farther than he's ever walked hand in hand with me in our neighborhood. We traipsed down to Woody's house, gave him a hug, then along to the end of the block. Calvin twisted and balked some, and tried his best to stare at the sun, but I kept encouraging him to keep going. Once we reached the end of the block, we crossed the street as traffic slowed for us, then continued on to the end of that block where Bob and Nan live.

There was Bob, in his usual place, sitting on a folding chair in the front of his garage smoking a pipe. I haven't walked past their house much since Rudy died and I've never walked there with Calvin without the stroller. Bob let us into the side garden which was, as it always is in spring and summer, blooming like crazy. Nan met us in the back yard and we embraced while Calvin flailed happily on the grass at our feet. I mentioned how, since Rudy died, I hadn't seen them much, so she asked if we were going to get a new dog. I told her that I hoped so.

After a brief but pleasant visit, Calvin and I said our goodbyes then headed back home. On the way, we passed Woody again, but this time we motored on past. When we arrived home I showered Calvin with praise, then watched a huge, proud smile creep across his darling face.

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  1. I'm curious whether you'd ever consider or think it would be helpful to have a service dog for Calvin. Would he be able to hold onto the bridle of one, for instance? Just a thought --