chemdog to the max

It has been seventeen days since we've seen Calvin have any kind of seizure. This is not his longest stint between seizures, but it is equal to the second longest in nearly a year, and while taking less pharmaceutical medication than he has in years. Prior to this stretch, Calvin was having a grand mal every four to nine nights with complex partial seizures in between. I attribute this luxurious dry spell to the new THCA tincture I recently made which, because it is concentrated and made with a little bit of organic cane alcohol to increase absorption, is easy for me to give to Calvin when he is sleeping with little fear of aspiration. I do not given Calvin his regular THCA oil at night because of the danger of inhaling so much oil, not to mention being loathe to commit to such a regimen when I don't get enough sleep as it is. But his seizures have been inching closer and closer together over time and, as a result, he's been missing a lot of school.

I came to the notion of making this tincture because, since reaching his current dose of homemade THCA oil three years ago, Calvin's frequent daytime grand mal seizures have virtually disappeared, and because I've often given him a concentrated THC rescue med made with alcohol with no adverse effects. My husband, who is prone to be a skeptic, has never fully conceded that my oil is due credit, but since Calvin has gone so long seizure-free in the seventeen days since the initiation of this new THCA nighttime tincture, he seems more convinced.

You may wonder what cannabis strain I use. I get it from the amazing folks at Remedy dispensary forty-five minutes north of here. It is a hybrid high in THCA called Chemdog. It was the first strain I tried for Calvin, having debated long and hard four years ago, finally deciding on a hybrid so as not to sedate nor stimulate him too much. In my mind, it has worked wonders and has also eased Calvin's protracted wean from the benzodiazepine, clobazam, aka Onfi; he has gone from thirty-five milligrams per day of benzo down to less than one and will be off of it, once and for all, end of February.

So tonight, amongst other things, I am celebrating Chemdog, whose name I think is funny since we've been known to call Calvin The C-dog, most lovingly, more than once.

Chemdog soaking in organic grain alcohol


  1. Wow. That's fantastic! I'm so anxious to talk to you and sorry that we haven't been able to connect. Soon, I hope!

  2. I love this post! I am so excited for you finally being rid of Onfi in Feb. from my experience it may take a bit longer for the half life to be gone, but then magically you have your child back. I remember having a doctor tell me that I had my daughter back. Oddly I have never known her without meds but the wean off of the bad guys make all the difference.

    It is a full time job being mommy to our kids. Much respect,

  3. Nice work!

    Of course, how much THC is actually left after quality control / management / sales & HR gets done with ?

    Go Calvin!