(gun) senseless

senseless: no doubt, my disabled child and his missing white matter, his rampant seizures, his drug side effects, his suffering, the senseless loss of what might have been a normal life for us.

senseless, too: lost lives. murdered child. automatic fire. gunman punching out windows. shooting into crowds. bullets flying. innocents ravaged. ambulance rides. bloody emergency rooms. NRA sham. government bribes. impotent legislators. cowards. disingenuous, derelict representatives. greed. thirst for power. reckless defenses of our second amendment. motherless child. childless father. wifeless husband. widowed bride. hazardous propaganda. false freedoms. risky inaction. senseless weaponry fetishized. our first amendment rights defied.

Bang Bang (I cannot second your amendment) by Holly Ballard Martz

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