hopes, regrets and lamentations


better times for my child without benzodiazepines on board. an end to his night terrors. more time outside and with friends. fewer seizures, fewer meds and better development for my boy. early spring. visits from faraway friends. more women and people of color in congress and in power. progress on my memoir. another visit to new york. more silver-gray hair. to see san francisco and seattle again. more time carved out to read good books. daylight dates with hubby. more love, forgiveness and gratefulness.


harbored resentments. not enough naps. not enough exercise. not enough time with my homies. self-righteousness. not enough fish, vegetables and fruits. these six or seven pounds. grumpiness. not getting to the beach in months. exhaustion. impatience. pettiness. snark. spite. self pity. too much time spent inside by myself. not catching up with faraway friends.


the closing of bart's dvd rental store. the current president, his cabinet and other lackeys. conservatism. social media blues. patriarchy. white supremacy. oligarchy. deniers of white privilege. racism. bigotry. sexism. poverty. deceit. religious zealotry. greed. war. famine. misogyny. genocide. want. condescension. inequality. mass incarceration. pharmaceutical nightmares. bootstrap theories. police brutality. impunity. ignorance. neglect.

Photo by Michael Kolster

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