a new view of the moon

I used to love the moon. When he was born, Calvin's face was moonlike—round, bright and creamy. Though I have developed a more complicated relationship with it since Calvin began having seizures, which sometimes seem triggered by the full moon's intense gravity, I still love the moon. Today, I appreciate it even more having seen this three-minute film reminding me of its beauty.

I was weeping long before the film maker said the words, "We should look up more often." Yes. Yes we should. And realize we all live on one Earth, and that life here is short.

A New View of the Moon from Alex Gorosh on Vimeo.

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  1. That made me cry, too. I miss you. Last night I went to a party and talked again to this woman who had dinner at your house last fall -- she's a photographer and one of my best friend's friend. It's certainly a very small planet, just as the film says.