getting back

I've mentioned before how epilepsy has a way of catching up, of getting back. Well, after twelve days with no seizures at all, Calvin just had his fifth scary partial complex seizure today. I say scary because, besides his pale lips and shallow breathing, he gets this look on his face as if he's seen a monster, or perhaps his imminent death (if he could comprehend such an abstract notion.) Frantically, he grabs for me, and his body begins to tremble and shake violently. These are not a grand mals; he remains conscious and his tremors are not rhythmic.

The extra doses of THCA oil I have given him have not prevented each subsequent seizure, so, grasping at other remedies, I took the bottle of CBDA vegetable glycerin the folks at Palmetto Harmony sent to me and gave Calvin ten drops. A month or two ago, I had an epiphany that perhaps CBDA oil might help Calvin if he continues to suffer too many seizures in the wake of finally eliminating his benzodiazepine. Right now, I've got the Mozart playing (I read a study, albeit a small one, which showed that listening to two hours of Mozart a day reduced seizures in a majority of subjects by as much as fifty percent) while watching my boy closely for any signs of another partial seizure.

My next big plan once we are a month or two away from Calvin's last dose of clobazam (we are just over three weeks past it now) is to stop his CBD oil to see if his partial seizures disappear or if it makes a difference at all; reducing it in the past has seemed to lessen his partial seizures. I may replace it later with a CBDA oil to see how that affects his seizures.

Thankfully, though, the past week or so Calvin has been an angel with the exception of some brief manic episodes on most days. He has been compliant and walking well and strong. He has been smiling and happy and enjoying hugs and kisses and tickles. He has been sleeping pretty well and has had only one grand mal seizure in nearly three weeks.

But like I said, epilepsy has a way of getting back. March, which came in like a lamb, might go out like a lion. And he had his sixth partial complex seizure just now.

Calvin during a similar partial complex seizure years ago

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