spring dang sprung. got a vaccine coming on. happening in a week. calvin is on the docket, probably sometime in april. so ready for a shot in the arm. 

fifty-eight outside. left my jacket in the house. hard to believe thursday morning felt like six degrees. i swear the grass is turning green. crocuses are pushing up. one bunch is already open. no boots on my feet. just sneakers. feeling almost giddy. 

ready for tiny bonfires. for outdoor gatherings, celebrations and visits. byobs. though it still looks like november, i can see the buds on trees and shrubs plumping. hear the songbirds going crazy. want to pack the backyard with all of my peeps.

tonight—just now—i took a short walk by myself (no dog, no kid) to deliver a hunk of cake to some friends who live around the corner. it was the first time I'd been alone since i can't remember when. i felt like my old self. i'm reminded that spring is time for renewal.

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