good docs and bad docs

Since Calvin’s birth we have made the acquaintance of dozens of doctors including various neonatologists, several anesthesiologists, a couple of intensivists, five pediatric neurologists, a few gastroenterologists, an urologist, two geneticists, an ophthalmologist, a neuro-ophthalmologist, a nephrologist, an osteopath, an endocrinologist, a pulmonologist, some radiologists, a few epileptologists, several pediatricians, a developmental pediatrician, and a sleep specialist. Some we’ve considered pretty bad, others rated so-so, many have been good and a select few are downright remarkable.

You know you’ve met a bad doc when she tells you that you have to worry. Some docs crank up and up and up on your child’s seizure medicine—sometimes to toxic levels and in the face of your obvious doubt—even though it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Bad docs have chips on their shoulders, are haughty, condescending and indifferent. These docs hate questions yet they act as if they have all of the answers.

Good docs, on the other hand, embody everything of value that one would expect from a close friend. Expert listeners, good docs also treat you as the equal that you are and encourage you to call them by their first name. They acknowledge that you know your child best and consider you an integral member of their team. A good doc listens to a litany of questions, answers them to the best of her ability and strives to think progressively. They have your child's best interest and quality of life in mind and aim to care for him holistically. And, of great import, good docs feel and demonstrate genuine compassion and concern for you and your child.

In short, good docs, you rock.

The Three Stooges

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