crack you like a nut

Epilepsy, I’m gonna crack you like a nut,
expose you, bruise you and kick your butt,
you’ve been messin’ with us, pushing to the brink,
good thing I had me a superbad shrink.

Epilepsy, you’re a big bully jerk,
but I ain’t scared, I’m like Captain Kirk,
I’m rising up high with all of my might,
gonna muck you up and make it right.

In the wee morning hours when you strike
my pure sweet innocent little tyke,
you send me in a rage, all nasty and mean,
and that’s before I’ve had caffeine.

Epilepsy, you’re a colossal creep,
You ruin fine days and peaceful nights’ sleep,
me and my peeps are gonna bust your crown,
better watch your back cuz you’re goin’ down.

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