good husband

Michael cooks, he cleans, he shops for groceries. He brings home the bacon and pays the bills. He finds the music and plays it. He pours me wine. He's an amazing dad. He gives me loving smiles. He says “I’m sorry.” He does the laundry. He changes the oil. He looks good in an apron. He makes me very happy.

He plays vinyl records—loud. He takes me to dinner. He's my best friend. He has a good sense of humor. He gives me compliments. He's very forgiving. He laughs at my jokes. He takes incredible photographs. He views the world in ever changing ways.

He works harder than anyone I know. He gives Calvin tons of hugs and tickles and kisses. He has an amazing vocabulary. He teaches me plenty. He recognizes his limitations. He loves his parents. He loses at cribbage. He rides a vintage motorcycle in a cool brown distressed leather jacket. He fixes anything and everything. He is humble.

He digs Frank Zappa. He's one of his students’ very favorite professors. He makes strong coffee. Kids and animals love him. He paints things. He reads interesting books. He has super friends. He enjoys simple pleasures. He wrote the music and lyrics for a song on his guitar and he plays it over and over. He loves me unconditionally.

I couldn't imagine raising Calvin with anyone else but Michael.

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