little chemical gems

Innocuous looking epilepsy drugs.
Chalky white ones impersonating
albino Junior Mints.
Round or squarish and
emerald-cut with neat beveled corners.
Wafer thin discs that
melt in your mouth,
melt your brain.

Merry little multicolored two-tone
gel-caps like sick and twisted
Hot Tamales, Mike and Ikes or Good & Plenty.
Split them open like Pixy Stix.
Close your eyes and
sprinkle the sugar-white granules,
dissolve them on your kid's tongue.
They’ll send him into oblivion.
Blushing pastel colored oval lozenges
cut in half reveal
bright white centers like a
perfect coconut cream.
Cherry-flavored liquids
tint water pink as punch.
White powders swirl jubilantly in a cup like a
crystal snowball toy.

These little chemical gems,
some all wrapped up in darling, 
shiny foil polka dot pouches
that are oh so fun to burst.
I’m waiting for the ones with the
candy coating and the chewy center.
No doubt they're in the works.
Maybe they'll rocket him straight to

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  1. My word....poetry too! My awe knows no bounds. It works, and adds a new dimension to this worthy blog. Kudos, Christy!