the a to z of epilepsy

A is for antiepileptic drugs, ambulance, ataxia, aspiration, anguish and accidental death
B is for blood draws, brain damage and burden
C is for concern, cyanosis, convulsions and Calvin
D is for dizziness, doctors, dietary therapy, developmental delay, drowning, dread, discrimination, death and despair
E is for endless, electroencephalogram and emergency room
F is for foul, frustration, fret and fear
G if for gut-wrenching, grand mal seizures and grief
H is for headache, hospital, hallucination, hyperactivity, head injury, hemispherectomy, heartache and hell
I is for incurable, insurmountable, intubation, intravenous, irritability, indescribable and injury
J is for joyless, jitters and jinx
K is for ketogenic diet and kidney failure
L is for lethargy, lethal seizures, liver-failure, lobectomy and love
M is for mania, magnetic resonance imagery, medicine and misery
N is for never-ending, neurologists, needles, neglect, nocturnal seizures, nausea, nightmares and nine-one-one
O is for oxygen desaturation, occipital lobe and onerous
P is for pain, pills, pediatric intensive care unit, prevalence, pharmaceuticals and perseverance
Q is for questions, questions, questions
R is for regression, relentlessness and regret
S is for seizures, syringes, stigma, side effects, status epilepticus, sudden unexplained death in epilepsy (SUDEP), sleep deprivation, surgery and suffering
T is for tremors, toxic drugs, tongue biting and torment
U is for underfunded, underestimated and unimaginable
V is for visual disturbances, vexation and valium
W is for worry, weight loss, wretchedness, woe and why?
X is for x-ray
Y is for yelling
Z is for zombie, zoned-out and zero-sum

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Calvin, photo by Michael Kolster


  1. Some more:
    V is for Vagus Nerve Stimulator, for L Leland on T Tuesday.
    This is an alphabet fit for Edward Gorey to illustrate.

  2. Don't forget H is for hope and humor--without which one could not survive.....