it's that simple

Sometimes it just hits me: every morning and every night I give my eight-year-old, thirty-eight pound kid the equivalent of Valium plus two other powerful anticonvulsant sedatives. I've stuffed these drugs down him twice—sometimes three times—every day for the past six years ... for three quarters of his entire little innocent life. Imagine doing the same to your kid. Perhaps you already do. It's sickening.

Epilepsy has little advocacy. People who have it, and parents of children who have it, often keep it a secret for fear of discrimination due to its long and recent history of stigma. Without advocacy there is no awareness. Without awareness there is no compassion. Without compassion there is no funding. Without funding there is no cure. Without a cure our children, and tens of millions of others, suffer their entire lifetime from seizures and/or drug side effects. It's that simple.

Here is something else that is simple: you can make a difference just by sharing this story. What have YOU got to lose?

Give to cure epilepsy: http://www.calvinscure.com

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