happy birthday, ben!

Our nephews Ethan and Ben—brothers—both have autism. They are lovable, funny and smart. Today is Ben's twelfth birthday. We sang him Happy Birthday over the phone, then spoke with him one by one.

"Hi Aunt Christy," he said, after my mother-in-law passed me the phone.
"Happy birthday, Ben. Have you had a good day so far?"
"Yes, and tonight we are going out to eat pizza."

I asked him what kind of pie he was going to order then agreed that cheese and pepperoni were a couple of my favorite kinds, too.

"How's Calvin?" he asked, as he never fails to do—as neither of my nephews ever fail to do.
"He's doing pretty good, Ben. It's so nice of you to ask."
"I have an idea," he continued, "Why don't you write a book about Calvin and about epilepsy and sell it in book stores."
"That's what I hope to do, Ben. You had the same idea as I did. That's pretty cool."
And then he added, "Maybe Bowdoin College will buy it."

I smiled and thought to myself, how great would that be.

Happy Birthday, Ben! We love you. And we love you too, Ethan!

Ben, Calvin and Ethan, June 2010, photo by Michael Kolster

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  1. Too cute! Maybe we can get Vassar in on it too? haha