walking waterfall

I am a walking waterfall,
carved with rivulets
clenched jaw
a millennia of sorrow like
granite boulders wedged into a place
far too small—
my heart

I am a walking waterfall,
mood black and brittle as mica
in ways steadfast in spite of glacial stress
worry, pain, loss
like marble, knotted veins braid my thin hands
wind and water slowly withering
my essence

I am a walking waterfall,
tears cascade over stony cheeks
flooding my core
relentless winds scatter bitter drops into mist
but not before I taste them
in the corners of
my mouth

I am a walking waterfall,
bathing a silent, shivering boy
whose dreams I’ll never know
mild as a river stone—polished, beautiful, unchanging
I pour my all into him, over him
he rests in the pool at
the bottom of
my heart


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. You are continually so eloquent. Would you mind if I printed this and hung it in my office?

  2. i'd be honored to have my poem and name on your wall! xo

  3. My word! You're a poet too??? Are there no limits to your talents? It's wonderful, Christy. It's vivid, and gripping, and into-the-soul intimate. I realize that pain produces this, and that makes my heart hurt...but I must say that mothering Calvin must be doing something remarkable to your inner resources. How many could write a poem like this? I hope it doesn't upset you to have me say this, but it really has to be said. You go through fire every day, and distill it into this....Oh my!

  4. thank you carol. you are so kind and it means a lot, especially coming from a poet. missing you and thinking of you with most fondness and love. christy

  5. Oh Christy, it's a shape poem. Beautiful in form and meaning. You're astounding.