sometimes frustrating

Sometimes it's so frustrating when we have to leave a thoroughly enjoyable barbecue simply because Calvin can't deal, won't walk without collapsing, falls on his glasses and hurts his face or becomes completely manic. And, on the drive home we always find ourselves saying, "poor kid, he can't even help it."

He's a sweet little kid whose condition, and the drugs for which he takes, makes most things for us nearly impossible to fully enjoy. Ugh. But hey, at least he hasn't had a seizure ... yet.


  1. Hi,

    I met Calvin at Coffin School last year with Ms. Larson. He looks really cute and he's really nice. When I first saw him he smiled at me.
    From, Bess (age 6)

  2. dear bess,
    so nice of you to write. i am glad there are kids like you who like calvin even though he can't really express how he feels. you are a good girl to be so kind. maybe i will meet you some day.