Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of my first blog post. In the last two years scores of wonderful people have joined in helping to fuel my journey, recharge my battery and validate my innermost feelings about what it is to raise a disabled child who suffers from intractable epilepsy. Those wonderful people are you:

all kinds of doctors, mothers, fathers, restaurateurs, therapists, ice cream scoopers, bloggers, children, in-laws, sales reps, grocery store staff, photographers, chefs, brothers, teachers, flight attendants, city councilmen, dietitians, receptionists, kindred spirits, painters, octogenarians, presidents, ed-techs, bar tenders, cooks, bus drivers, case workers, caregivers, supervisors, radio talk show hosts, nurses, chaplains, lawyers, actors, neuro-ophthalmologists, nurse practitioners, deans, physical therapists, grandmas, grandpas, farmers, farmhands, coaches, professors and their wives and kids, nieces, nephews, priests, college friends and their spouses, athletes, bowl-turners, aunts, uncles, cousins, principles, headmasters, musicians, retirees, servers, brewers, hair stylists, authors, founders, weeders, orthotists, superintendents, directors, students, ex-students, curators, sisters, poets, producers, carpenters, baristas, CNAs, actresses, technicians, former coworkers, contractors, designers, business owners, candidates, librarians, congresswomen, critics, high school buddies, neighbors, longtime friends of the family, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, pharmacists and their staff, hospital staff, phlebotomists, neurobiologists, film makers, celebrities, readers and kind strangers.

Thank you for reading and sharing and connecting and caring. You’ve all made a distinct difference in our lives and for that I am most grateful.


  1. love you dearly. I am greatful for the richness and depth you have given me . KIM

  2. kim, was JUST thinking of you. too long. xo