things i love and not so much

things i love ...

milk. rudy the dog. altruism. home. the right to vote. pumpkin bisque. fall colors. seizure free days. mom. inclusiveness. blog stats. homemade nachos. expletives. happy boy. rain. diversity. men who like quiche. farce. separation of church and state. travel. blue jeans. dragon moms. captain crunch. gray hair. this gorgeous expanding universe. snaggletooths. frosty’s donuts. equality. hubby. gun control. beaches in october. progress. crying and laughing at the same time. a good book. suzuki boulevard s40. movies. five o’clock shadow. wisdom. fried chicken. public broadcasting. writing. moon and stars. good humor. people that are different from me. honesty. shit kickin’ boots. leftover halloween candy. the pres.

not so much ...

celery and green peppers. deceit. snoring. socks that don’t stay up. suppression. drivers who don’t let others merge. jello salad. bigotry. epilepsy. blind ignorance. the skin on warm milk. bullies. radicalism. belly roll. vacuuming. chin hairs. homogeny. that gross brown scandinavian whey cheese. police brutality. raking leaves. idle hands. television. convention. loud noises. hoarding. sick boy. antiepileptic drugs and their side effects. hate. US incarceration rates and demographics. tripe. tax evaders. sleepless nights. supreme court citizen’s united decision. no more ice cream. lilee’s public house gone. forgetting history. ugly americans. people i can’t trust.

photo by Michael Kolster

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