works of art

These are Calvin's recent works of art—which I think are beautiful—no doubt achieved with much help from his amazing one-on-one, Mary. What a joy it is to see him make a happy mess like I did as a child, though I'll always wonder if he has any appreciation for the venture or its result.


  1. The orange one is a perfect antidote to a dreary, gray Alaskan day. Way to go Calvin! And Mary. I'm always a big fan of happy messes, and these are the best.

  2. I was at the school today photographing ongoing student art for this academic year. The art teacher (Emily Moll) specifically wanted me to see the display of Calvin's art.

    Nice job Calvin (and all his supporters).

  3. I love the orange piece! Have you ever thought about selling Calvin's art work? I've often wanted to do this for Bethany but she's not that much into creating!