kolster united

Salty dogs under foot. Misty mornings. Cold drinks. I love yous. Riotous games. Growing teens. Sharp minds. Twilight boat rides. Scary movies and movies that make you laugh and cry. Live with Mike on WBOR. Family dinners. Bugles. Champagne, bourbon, beer and wine (not to worry.) Time together. Time alone. Hugs. Sharing Calvin. Frosty's donuts. Late night conversations. Sleeping in (for some.) Cheese. Humor. Most wonderful niece and nephews. Smart-ass brother-in-laws (who I adore.) Lovely (in every way) sister-in-laws. Gorgeous views no matter the weather. Hosts with the most: Jimmy and Poopsie. Triple lobster. Three more cherished days.


  1. I love the picture of Calvin with his grandpa. Your son reminds me a lot of Daniel at that age.

  2. I am glad that you've had this time together with your family and hope it was good. For many years, I brought Sophie across the country to be with our family for our week reunion in South Carolina, but it was always so stressful. She stays behind now which has its own stress. The light and smiles on everyone's faces here is beautiful --

  3. dear eee, it has been wonderful and stressful. calvin isn't sleeping well at all and both michael and i wake up in a foul mood cussing the world. but a few naps and a bit of sunshine help. xo