Often, I surf the web looking for companion images to use on this blog. Common search words I use are seizure and epilepsy. While hunting for an image to go with a post about the aftermath and subsequent power outage of a tropical storm, I came across the one below. At once it reminded me of what a seizure might be like for those who suffer from epilepsy. The following words bled into my mind:

surge. prick. smother. blackout. pain. confusion. thug. shred. blind. strangulation. fear. attack. electric. shock. wired. dizzy. hold. on. bludgeon. helpless. brain. scramble. burn. cramp. coma. choke. alone.

Then I saw the name of the album ... POWERLESS. How miserably apt.

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  1. Miserably apt, indeed. The words that occurred to me were panic, pleading, bargaining, terror, dread, slippery slopes, defeated, beaten, aching, laying in puke, stuck, stigma, exhaustion, bleeding, red, frustration, struggling, wounds, gashes and bruises, shaken, filthy, pharmaceutical dependence, days with more ‘don’ts’ and ‘won’ts’ than ‘dos ‘, dark, hazy, zapped, crash, mugged by a ghoul, always waiting for the rug to be pulled, despair, desperate, dashed hopes, dose after dose after dose, lost at sea, broken, drowning in worry, feeling ashamed, awkward, paranoid and so, so, sorry. And yes, vulnerable, impaired, inept, and awfully, terribly, powerless.