thanksgivings and wishings


Birds of all kinds, even roasted ones. Happy kid. Salty dog. Melted snow. Quiet streets. Stereo music. The smell of fried bacon and leeks. Hubby in the kitchen. Out-laws on their way in. Dew drops. Barbara. A decent night's sleep. Employment. Johnny-jump-up. Gatherings. Sunrise. Laughter. Fresh-baked pies. Comfort. Fire in the stove. Hugs from Calvin. Cranberry sauce and gravy. Family and friends.


Homes for the homeless. Food for the hungry. Jobs for the jobless. Opportunity for the oppressed. Equality. Open-mindedness. Empathy. Generosity. The end of racism, sexism, classism and bigotry. Kindness. A bird on every table. Self-sacrifice. Seizure-free children.

photographer unknown

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