things i'm grateful for

tall phlox. shiny new toilet seats. the look and smell of mulch. monarch butterflies. pink. transgender women smiling at me. autistic girls signing to calvin that they love him. kitchen shops and their owners. small glass tumblers. neighbors. palmetto harmony cbd cannabis oil. five-plus weeks free of grand mal seizures. quiet drives down harpswell neck with an untroubled boy. roadside ice cream cone with iconic view. bourbon within reason. dry days. sleep. calvin finally able to sit by himself (sort of) at a picnic table. nellie. cicada buzz. cardinals. beaches. walking through the woods holding hands with calvin for the first time without bringing a stroller. chips, any kind. happy boy. smiling boy. homemade mint ice cream. rosewater. the blue of baptisia. cool showers on blazing hot days. freshly mowed lawn. strong arms. denim. linen. kick ass nurses. sudden downpours. birdbaths. geraniums. my husband. the kindness of strangers. the love of friends near and afar. family. maine. commercial-free music. vinyl. weathered cedar shingle. alberta spruce. rhodies and azaleas. rain. screen porch. twilight time. good books. breeze over naked body. bats.

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