a better day

After two miserable days, Calvin is back to his best self—smiling, giggling, eating some, drinking, not apparently seizing.

Thanks to all of you who called and wrote, sending messages of love and support after reading my last blog post. It means the world. I'm doing fine. Thanks, also, to the accident of birth—of emerging from my mother's womb a fairly upbeat person just like her and her mom—to my dad for showing me the merits of hard work and of never giving up, and to competitive swimming for helping me discover further how capable and strong I can be—emotionally and physically—and the difficult challenges I can endure when it matters.

All these gifts, along with gardening, writing, my awesome husband, our dog Smellie, our friends, family, my precious son, even the kindness of strangers, keep me going in the midst of his relentless epilepsy.

I'm most grateful for it all.