classic harriette

During a recent three-way conversation between my eighty-two year old mother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, my sister Caron and me:

“Mom, you’re a good egg,” I say.

“Well, thank you,” she replies.

Caron chimes in something like, “and I’m a hard-boiled egg,” and I said, “no, you're a rotten egg, I'm totally fried, and Mom’s scrambled,” to which we all chuckle.

As Caron reassesses what kind of egg she is, Moms says:

“Gee, I’m gettin’ kinda hungry!”

We all burst out into laughter. Classic Harriette, I think to myself.

Dammit, though. I wish Calvin could know her and I wish she could know Calvin and remember him in her heart.


  1. Hi Christy! I just wanted you to know that Calvin is in Ms Harriette's heart :) ...she has a picture of him on her dresser...and I ask her about him often....so, just to let you know...she remembers when she sees a picture....so, your wish has come true...Hope all is well with you...Steph

  2. dear steph,

    so nice of you to write. miss you guys so much. thanks for taking such amazing care of my mom.