hopes and regrets


Self-absorption. Stupid things I’ve said and done. Impatience. Dirty, crumby, dusty house. Not calling my mom enough. Worry. Beating myself up over past decisions. Too little exercise. Vanity. Gluttony during the holidays. Disorganization. Animosity. Poor correspondence with friends and family.


A seizure free life for Calvin with no more drugs. A few more good years with Rudy the dog. A mild winter and an early spring. Time to walk in the woods. Eat more vegetables. More out of town visitors. Growth. Enough food, warm homes, health and prosperity for the needy. Deepening friendships. Great success and happiness for my husband. Continued progress for Calvin. A fun and successful Cure Epilepsy benefit in February. To see my mother soon. A visit to New York City. Get into the pool. Make more time to read. Healthy minds and bodies. For my readers to continue to share Calvin's story with others.

From our home in Maine, Happy New Year to you all! May you leave your regrets far behind and realize your hopes and dreams.

Michael, Calvin, Christy and Rudy the dog

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