waiting for me

It’s oppressive black skies that loom overhead;
The heart-stopping stir of falling in dreams.
It’s vertigo’s creep just at the cliff’s edge;
And the white-knuckle angst of horror film scenes.
It’s dread of the dawn inside sleepless nights;
The pressure I feel at twenty feet deep.

It’s the smothering clasp of sinking in sand;

The insidious fear of a dark narrow street.

It’s the cold sweat of dusk in sinister woods;
The grim buzz of cicadas hidden in trees.

It’s the gnawing unease of the telephone ring;
And the panic of drifting far out to sea.

It’s the ulcerous pit that's deep in my gut;

The merciless weight of a jungle’s dank heat.

It’s the nerves of an addict thirsting for smack;

 It’s his seizure—I know—that is waiting for me ...
Waiting for me ... waiting for me.
photo by Michael Kolster

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