savannah and her mom (video)

I can't help but shed tears of sorrow, gratitude and hope every time I see this video. Many thanks and much love go to my friend Tracy Dixon Salazar—and to her muse Savannah—for her efforts to uncover the causes of epilepsy so that we can find a cure. Please share. Give to CURE epilepsy here.

If you cannot view the video please click here to see it on You Tube.

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  1. Tracy is absolutely amazing. She should be an inspiration to everyone living with epilepsy and everyone going for their PhD's. For those of us with epilepsy, we know that there are people who have a passion for moving forward not just for our neurons but for us. For those of us applying to PhD programs or in PhD programs, let us remember the people who are affected by our work. Let us all feel the urgency of our work as Tracy does.