girl time

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my girls of late while Michael has been out of town. They’ve made me sweet potato and parsnip pancakes and blueberry smoothies and have spent the night. They've helped me with laundry and mowing and grocery shopping and gardening and watching Calvin and cleaning dishes and making beds and walking Rudy and vacuuming and just simply keeping me company over gin and tonics, old-fashioneds, glasses of wine, take-away Thai food and lobster rolls at Red's.

Thank you Lucretia, Maura, Natasha, Ann, Lauren, Zoe, Akiko and my sister Caron, plus all of my other homegirls (not to mention Roger and Kevin and Elmer) who've checked up on me in recent days just to make sure we're okay.



  1. I'm so happy that you have these friends to help you through.

  2. You are blessed to have such wonderful friends. I'm jealous. My list of friends has dwindled slowly little by little since Bethany got sick!

    1. some of my friendships have atrophied too, sylvia. keep the faith. others will come. xo

  3. Friendships are treasures. When we're blessed with them, we need to be aware how special they are. And you are! (aware, and special!)