dark spots on a bright day

seizures. sleep deprivation. crazy kid. reply to all. bad drivers. stubbornness. wrong side of the bed. know-it-alls. out of milk, out of coffee. robocalls. drugs, drugs, drugs. eye poking. exploiters. bad movies. rudy bombs on the bottom of my shoe. busybodies. headaches. liars. a busting garden with no one to share it with. bad connections. hospitals. gawkers (sometimes.) wilting peonies. manipulators. doctor's appointments. no school, no nurse. dog underfoot. bad hair day. not being heard. cold motorcycle. complainers (including and, as you can see, most notably me.) the beach i can’t get to with calvin. cocktail hour oh-so far away.


  1. Here's another complaint:

    You're in Maine and I'm in Los Angeles. We can't get together for a drink.