friday faves - notes from friends and strangers

From last June

I wanted to tell you that I dreamt of Calvin last night. It was one of those extraordinary dreams, in which strange things happen and you awaken wondering just what could have provoked that particular train of thought. He was happy and gave me floppy hugs and then looked in my face and said "glasses." I don't know what it means, and I don't think you probably believe that it means anything, except perhaps that I read your posts and think of you and Calvin often. I hope this finds you and Michael well, and Calvin seizure free today.

im sorry, i know u dont know me, but ... i just wanted to say i loved the birthday story about ur son ... im pretty sure me and u come from different backgrounds, but im here to tell you that your story made me cry with joy, even though i may be different from you ... my reason is because people take things for granted, and forget about being happy and the fact that we are all the same (JUST HUMAN BEINGS) under the same sun ... but i wanna say again thanx for that inspiration and ill take that with me on journey thru life GOD BLESS.


i just want to say how humble i feel right now. when my gorgeous 19 year old was about a year and a half, i told his doctor, "he's into everything!" my doctor was a wise man who said, "trust me. you wouldn't want it any other way." sending you xoxxox and thanking you for the work you do and sharing with us. blessings to you and calvin and you family.


I was thrilled to see Calvin at the Botanical Gardens! He did seem tired, but I must tell you of a few moments of his happiness. Sadie (who ADORES Calvin) sat with him to take some photos and say hello. He was snuggling up with her, chewing on her hair, smelling her neck, and clearly enjoying it! She did too. As we walked away, she said, "I love the way you can always tell when Calvin is happy. He's the goofiest guy in my class, that's why he's the only boy I like." Im so sorry his happy day ended with a seizure, sucky.

—Elsa, Sadie's mom

Hope not to offend you if I tell you that from your blog I can feel all your suffering but there's also a kind of smooth beauty. I think it's the unending, unconditional, everlasting love for your son. Ciao.


Oh Christy, I watched your video of one of of Calvin's seizures. It was beyond powerful—to watch your beautiful child endure this pain and confusion and then enter into a place of unfathomable quiet. I know I understand nothing in the grand scheme of things, but this was a window into some tiny understanding of some small piece of your life and Calvin's. Thank you for sharing it.


I’ve got to quit reading these at work people are wondering why I’m tearing up.


I often times try to imagine if I could live a life similar to yours ... and just that thought alone will travel with me throughout my day, my week, etc. The thought is constantly with me ... when I read about Calvin I feel like I know him and understand him ... honestly, I wish that you lived closer so I could come and play with Calvin and get to know him.


I'm listening. Sometimes I cry when I read. I have nothing else to offer.


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