birthday boy

There is no doubt that Calvin has changed our lives. He has taught us to be better people, to appreciate simple pleasures and to take nothing for granted. His love is endless and completely unconditional. Today, though Calvin is the birthday boy, he is the one who is giving gifts to others—to those of us who love him and to many whom he has never met.

Calvin's Wish

If Calvin could make a wish he might ask for
a shiny new fire truck,
a snazzy Lego set,
a colorful plastic Big Wheel,
or perhaps to stop having seizures.

Calvin might wish for
a bumpy pony ride,
a cuddly puppy to lick his face,
a goldfish in a bowl,
or to run barefoot in the grass with his mama.

If Calvin could make a wish he might ask for
the colorful prize in a bubble gum machine,
a McDonald's happy meal,
a treat from the ice cream man,
or not to have to take medicine anymore.

Calvin might wish for
a brilliant comic book,
a box of crayons,
a cool pair of sneakers,
or maybe some friends to play with.

If Calvin could make a wish he might ask for
popcorn at the movies,
a trip to Disney Land,
a newfangled video game,
or to be able to eat graham crackers and cheese puffs again.

Calvin might wish for
a gift from the Tooth Fairy,
Santa's next visit,
a baseball and mitt,
or to fly a kite on the beach with his dad.

if Calvin could make a wish I don't think he'd ask for
more loving parents,
more devoted grandparents,
more caring nurses,
more compassionate supporters,
but perhaps just the chance to say "thank you" and "I love you."

My birthday wish for Calvin is to give him the gift of hope for a cure for his epilepsy and for all of you, today, to consider donating what you can to epilepsy research. 
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