ode to my brothers

brothers, I adore you.
so kind and wise beyond your years,
you always dry my tears,
and seem to know what’s wrong.
when I’m weak you’re so very strong.
you live in places far and wide,
in so many countries and of so many races,
though many of you live apart from me,
you all live forever in my heart,
and my heart is yours to keep,
you are my peeps.

brothers, you help my spirits soar,
keep me coming back for more
of your clever wit, your jokes,
you are all incredible blokes with such integrity,
I’m one of the luckiest gals in the world,
to have so many pals such as yourselves,
and though I have to share some of you with my man,
try as I can, I’ll steal you away some day,
you know who you are,
you are my brothers, near and far.
I love you through and through,
it’s true.

Kerream Jones

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