impossible kid

This kid is impossible.

He's impossibly beautiful to behold. Impossibly freakish lately and impossible to bear at times. It's impossible to know what goes on in his mind—he's nearly impossible to understand. And it's impossible for him not to simply break my heart into little pieces.

This kid is impossible. Impossible to know what he dreams, what he hears, what he sees, what he thinks. Impossible to know what he feels or to know what is hurting him. It's impossible to be sure if he really knows who I am.

This kid is impossible. His seizures are yet impossible to control and the drugs he must take for them are impossibly debilitating. The source of his misery impossible to know, his inner desires impossible to imagine—if indeed he has them at all.

Most of all it's impossible for me not to love this most amazing, impossibly adorable kid.

In honor of epilepsy awareness month, please share this story with others. Help bring us one step closer to a cure.

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