sometimes heartbroken

Sometimes, I am completely heartbroken when I see that Calvin is in pain, sweet tears running down his little hurting face. Often I have no idea what is wrong—he can’t begin to tell me—and thus I feel practically helpless to do anything to make it better save holding him and rocking him in my arms.

I know all kids get hurts and pains—that's life—but it's just so sad and senseless that, on top of bumps and bruises, sore throats, ear infections and tummy aches, he has to bear endless, pounding seizures and sickening side effects from the anticonvulsant drugs.

I can put a band-aid on a sore but I can't make the seizures stop or the headaches, nausea, confusion, lack of coordination, lack of appetite, double vision and dizziness (to name a few) go away. He's just a little kid who has endured a lifetime of suffering, and there's no end in sight as long as we don't have a cure.

In honor of epilepsy awareness month while being mindful of all the little kids who suffer needlessly from epilepsy, please share Calvin's Story and help bring us one step closer to a cure. It won't hurt you one bit.

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