From my dear Italian friend, Federica, who I have never met but who, from across an ocean of swells, always brings a smile to my face, a tear to my eye, dreams of a a faraway place and hope for a new day:

Dear Christy ...

Hope you and yours are doing fine. I still read your blog and feel and share all the struggles, sufferings you are going through. As I once wrote you, I cannot do anything practically but at least I can share some compassion, I can enjoy till the bone marrow and value all the luck I have in my daily life because my daughter right now is healthy. I never, ever take this for granted, it could change in the blink of an eye. Besides that I feel that when a burden is too heavy those who aren't burdened can take a little part of it even if only by thinking.

Give Calvin a big, big kiss from Italy.

Federica and her daughter

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