I want to share with you all a much-appreciated shout-out received today from my friend of many years, Sofia. We met while working at Levi Strauss in San Francisco where I was a designer and she a fabric (fwabic!) guru. She'd come from Manhattan to try San Francisco on for size, but it was simply too small, even for her tiny self. Alas, she lasted but a year on the west coast before heading back to the Big Apple, which we both adore. We've stayed in touch these fifteen years, I've visited her in New York along with our other Levi's friend, The Yee, two of the best homies a girl could ever have. Thanks Sofia. Say hi to the Wax.


Every time I read a post, which I do religiously, I always want to write to you and say—something.  What that something is I don't often know, almost never in fact. I rack my brain trying to come up with some tiny bit of wisdom or something to cheer you on as you struggle thru this endless barrage of drugs and diets with the ultimate goal of simply helping your child. As a mother my heart just breaks.
I know i can't say or do or write anything to change things.
So I'll just say that I think of you and Calvin and Michael with every post. They do not go unheard or unread, and with each battle you fight there is a huge fan cheering for you all.


Sofia and The Yee snowshoeing in Maine

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  1. I love your little shout outs to your friends. It makes me feel very happy to know that you have such a great support system given your day to day stress and workload with Calvin. Sending more positive vibes up north from VA. Hang in there