friday first day

From three years—and over 1000 posts—ago today:

I woke up the other day, turned 47 and started this blog. I am not completely sure what I am doing or how to do it. All I know is that I have to do it.

For years I have been racking my brain for ways that I can make a difference in the world on behalf of epilepsy awareness, funding, treatment and the quest for a cure. I guess the best way is to start with baby steps. Here is where I can take a lesson from my six year old son Calvin, to whom I dedicate this journal.  He is my hero, my inspiration and the one who makes me want to be a better person every day.

Calvin has had intractable epilepsy since he was two years old. Since then he has suffered hundreds of seizures of all types, including one forty-five minute convulsive seizure when he did not respond to a bevy of emergency medication; we were left helpless at his side, terrified for his life and powerless to do anything to help him.

This blog is meant to demystify and destigmatize epilepsy. It is meant to enlighten the public as to the nature and scope of the disorder. It is meant to offer support to other families who are touched by epilepsy.

I hope I can make a difference.

photo by Michael Kolster


  1. Wow Christy. I would say that your "baby steps" are so much more than that. Just as Calvin's steps mean the world to you, this blog means much more than you could ever imagine to so many people. It enlightens, it supports, it reaches out, it brings laughter at our darkest moments, it shocks us out of complacency, it inspires action when nothing else seems to do it, it gives permission to scream and drop f-bombs and hit inanimate objects, it opens hearts, it spreads love, and it weaves a complex, beautiful, and oh-so-important understanding of what it means to be human. Thank you for sharing.

    1. dear aspen, your words mean so much to me. xoxoxo

    2. Katie, you said just what I would have said, and you did it so well! Your blog is important, Christy. Please keep it up....and put it into a book too!