happy new year (video)

Hoping that 2015 has more of this and less of the alternative. Oh, and sorry in advance for the bird.


  1. That's so cute! And it was good to hear that little bit of your voice, too! Love to you, Michael and Calvin on New Year's!

    1. thank you. miss you very much. when you can, come to maine. xoxo

  2. I wish the same for all of you. Thanks for sharing your story. Not sure how I came upon your blog, but it is one of a few that I read consistently. Today I mused over why. Often, when I get ready to read one of your posts, I prep myself because I know I might feel the crushing weight of what you have to deal with day in and day out. Today you shared something I had been craving - to see Calvin giggle. I was a teacher in the public school special education system for many years. I know first hand the full gamut of emotions that surge around when you simultaneously love and hate what is going on. I've concluded that I keep reading your blog because I find your honesty and your earnest, persistent pursuit of good care for your child to be a beakon that points to the capacity of the human spirit to persevere, even in the worst of situations. Thanks for that, Christy Shake.

  3. It's lovely to see your son giggling and having fun. As for the bird, my favorite hand sign. I never drive without it:)