calvin and will

If Calvin could have a friend his name would be Will. Calvin and Will—kindred spirits and friends forever. They’d help each other—Calvin, hanging off of Will’s wheelchair handles to steady his balance and push while Will enjoyed the ride, spinning, turning and coasting down gentle hills.

Will would sweetly help Calvin push the big red button meaning “no” and the yellow button with its smiley face for “yes”.

The two, like peas in a pod, would giggle and smile simply because the other was giggling and smiling, and they’d hold hands.

Calvin would give Will his favorite toys, the orange plastic football or his plush blue velour star, its clear bubble center rattling with tiny colorful beads. Will would let Calvin wear his cool orange glasses.

They'd splash in the tub together, two tender bodies soaking up the warm water, buoyant and bouncing and frolicking in the waves.

At nap time they’d lay down their heads, sharing a pillow, covered by a soft, heavy blanket. They’d fall asleep in an embrace of love and friendship, their thumbs stuck in their sweet mouths, so peaceful in their slumber.

When one was feeling bad the other would stay nearby to comfort and console and to help wish the pain away.

And when Will would die, Calvin would miss him terribly, his only friend. But he’d remember him forever, his gentle spirit, his loving hugs, his wonderful smile. Will and Calvin. Calvin and Will.

William Tyler Day June 2004 - April 2009

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  1. Oh my goodness...........how 'moving'.............so beautifully put................very touching......and, so true!! ...almost 2 years since we've seen this sweet child's smile.....
    I miss you Daystar buddy!!! Thank you for your life....thank you for being 'you'......xoxo
    I love you, Max xoxo