to feel existence

"But this is human life: the war, the deeds, the disappointment, the anxiety.  Imaginations struggles, far to nigh, all human; bearing in themselves this good, that they are still the air, the subtle food, to make us feel existence.  This is the "goal" of the soul path - to feel existence; not to overcome life's struggles and anxieties, but to know life first hand, to exist fully in context."

 - Thomas Moore -

photo by Michael Kolster

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  1. Thank you for this quote. I have just started to read your blog regularly. Our children are very different. My 8 year old daughter is non-verbal and autistic. I struggle with the heart ache and loss daily, but am always trying to see out beyond and enjoy daily living. You honesty is uplifting to me. I have tried to start a blog for a long time now, but have been struggling with how to be real with our circumstances. You are showing me how. Thank you. My daughter went to Morrison Developmental Center when it was located in Portland. I was up on Martin's Point Med. Center the other day and looked down at the old building. It brought tears to my eyes remembering the supportive therapists that helped us as we were just learning about our daughters needs. I always remember them as our the Morrison Angels. Best to you and your family.