more than enough

Today I called the Disability Rights Center to drum up some help encouraging Calvin’s secondary health insurance to approve an adaptive bed. The kind woman on the telephone needed to take down some information about our appeal. I gave her the usual particulars—my name, phone, address, Calvin’s name and age. Then she asked me, “what is his disability?” I told her he had several and continued with the list, “ventriculomegaly, cerebral palsy, global hypotonia, pervasive developmental disorder, intractable epilepsy—“, “that’s enough,” she said, before I had a chance to tell her about his slow gastric emptying, hypothyroidism and visual impairments. I chuckled to myself and replied, “you're right, it’s more than enough.”

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  1. Wow,

    A short post, yes, but brimming with poignancy and power.