happy. sad.

things that make me happy

clear blue skies. barefoot husband in jeans. calvin’s giggles. fresh cut pineapple. a good day of writing. orchestras. a beautiful voice. smart, sexy president. calvin getting off the bus. home made spaghetti. cheese. dirty jokes. green things. endorphins. night out with the girls. night in with the boys. a kind word or deed. spring coming. parties. talking with my mom. funny people. rudy the dog. our home. a good book. calvin.

things that make me sad

sick children. hungry people. burnt toast. wasted days. drugged up kid. war. selfishness. being misunderstood. worry. indifference. not knowing what is hurting calvin. mom’s alzheimer’s. long winters. limitations. seizures. drugs. seizures. drugs. seizures. drugs. tax evaders. certain music (that makes me feel good, just sad.) apathy. missing dad. calvin.

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