lisbeth's hurt

This morning I woke up to the unsettling howl of an ambulance siren. Calvin has been carried away in one more times than I’d like to remember, so the sound has a sort of sick, Pavlovian effect on me and I find myself wondering what unfortunate soul is heading to the emergency room and why.

Downstairs, in the dark of morning I sat before my laptop drinking coffee and looking at updates from friends on Facebook. I was sorry to see that my friend Martha’s daughter, Lisbeth, had another bad fall during a seizure and sustained some nasty head injuries.

Lisbeth, who is thirty, continues to have seizures despite taking several anticonvulsant drugs, just like Calvin does. I am in awe of her mother and father's strength and tenacity having had to deal with this wicked affliction for so many long years while it continues to batter their beloved daughter—day in and day out—and all because we don't have a cure.

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Sweet Lisbeth, photos by Martha Miller

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